Best Floridian Schools for Students Who Do Not Speak English Fluently

As many Puerto Ricans leave the island because of economic recession and better employment opportunities in the US, thousands of students also transfer in the country.

But, not all schools are ready to accommodate Spanish speakers who find it challenging to communicate in English.

While there are many bilingual students who can help teachers and students translate in class, schools cannot rely on them, as they also need to focus on their own education. It is also difficult for parents to understand the program or the rules and regulations of the school if they are not fluent in English.

Fortunately, there are 193 Registered Dual Language Schools that offer bilingual instructions for Spanish-speaking students in Florida:  

The best bilingual schools in Florida include–International Bilingual Montessori School, Bilingual Cooperative Preschool, Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy, and Foreign Language Immersion School. But, there are other schools that offer dual language instruction.

Here’s a list of cities with dual language schools that cater to Spanish-speaking students:

Miami: There are 54 schools in Miami that offer Spanish instruction, including Bent Tree ES (K-3), Eugenia B. Tomas K-8 Center and Ramblewood Elementary.  Some of these schools are offering elementary education; others are middle school and colleges.

There are also 11 Spanish speaking schools in Hialeah and 13 dual language schools for Spanish speakers in Fort Lauderdale.

Here are other cities with Dual language schools:

  1. Kissimmee: Kissimmee Elementary and Ventura Elementary
  2. Clearwater: High Point Elementary School
  3. Lakeland: Sleepy Hill Elementary
  4. Dunedin: Dunedin Elementary School
  5. Pompano Beach: Crystal Lake Middle School, Bronx High School of Business and 8 other schools
  6. Hollywood: McNicol Middle School, Academy of Public Relations and 9 other schools offering Spanish instruction.

Dual language programs help Spanish-speaking students expand their existing linguistic and cross-cultural skills. It helps them adapt to the new school environment while preserving their native language. If you’re in Miami, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Hollywood, you are in luck. You have a huge access to numerous dual language schools for students of all ages in your city.