Clewiston Florida: Home of Sugar Canes, Water Sports and Museums

Do you want to live in the sweetest city in Florida? Try Clewiston.

It’s the perfect place for sugar tours, rodeo, sky diving, boat tours and water sports and more!

Visitors come to see its wide sugar crops especially during the Sugar Festival. Others come to fish for bass at Lake Okeechobee, hike at its scenic trail or simply have a picnic at the campground. If you’re a tourist, you might want to spend a few nights at the Historic Clewiston Inn or at Holiday Inn Express Suites Clewiston. You can take a swing at its 2 big golf courses, go bird watching at the Devil’s garden bird park. You can go for a swim, take boat tours, do water sports or simply enjoy the views of Crooked Hook RV Resort and Big Cypress RV Resort and Campground. But, Clewiston is much more than that.

A Closer look…

Clewiston is a small town in Florida with an estimated population of 7,430. Clewiston is located near the center of Lake Okeechobee in Hendry County. This town offers its residents a suburban feel, while most of the people that live here have their own homes rather than rent out apartments.


Other than its huge Festival, the town also offers natural aesthetics. Clewiston is located right next to the center of the largest lake in Florida, Lake Okeechobee. This lake is also known as Florida’s Inland Sea, being the largest freshwater lake in the entire state. It ranks second in the largest natural freshwater lake that is situated entirely in the United States.


If you’re worried about your child’s education- worry no more! Clewiston is home to three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school; this makes it super accessible for your kids. The schools here include Eastside Elementary, Westside Elementary, Central Elementary, Clewiston Middle School, and Clewiston High School. These schools are basically just one ride away from your house. If its college you’re sending your child to, then this is still the place for you. Although there are no schools in the town, there are some in Hendry County. One of these schools is Florida South-western State College, which is located in Port La Belle, Florida.

Reason for its Booming Tourism

The tourism in this town is overwhelming. This is because Clewiston is known for being America’s Sweetest Town because of its large sugar industry. This city is home to the famous Sugar Festival held on the month of April each year. It is an exciting multiple day event where the people can reunite with family, relatives, friends and neighbors at the end of the harvesting season. People come from multiple neighboring towns and from across the state to get together for a week of fun. There’s live entertainment, cane-grinding, a kids’ park and a variety of food booths sponsored by local civic, school and church organizations that offer the best of local cuisine. The events list has even added a few things to spice things up a bit. These new things include a rodeo, a bass tournament, and many others.