Azalea Park: A Family-Friendly Community in Orlando

If you like to live near schools, malls, and business districts, choose Azalea Park. It embodies Florida’s lifestyle and above average amenities!

This community is a suburb of Orlando, Florida, with a population of 14,701. It is located in Orange County, which gives its residents a suburban feel. The people who live here mostly rent their homes. Like other communities in Florida, Azalea Park has many parks sprawling all over it.

Shopping and Food

If you’re a shopper, then this place is the right one for you! Business is considerably great in this area. There are stores and boutiques in the town itself, and the neighboring communities have shopping malls too.

There are approximately 230 grocery shops and 16 supercenters and club stores in the area. With the number of shops in the area, you’re bound to find almost everything you need. These establishments are clean and the employees give great customer service.

The food here is amazing! Different cuisines are just one car ride away with the number of malls near the area. There are many types of restaurants and coffee shops to satisfy your cravings.  So, whether you want to eat a full meal or just enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, Azalea Park has it all.


Are you looking for a church to fill your spiritual needs? There are many churches in the area.

The list includes the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Azalea Park United Methodist Church, Salem Christian Church and Azalea Park Baptist Church. Take a drive and it will get you to the King of Kings Catholic Church, and many others. All these churches are within Azalea Park only, so you don’t have to travel much.


If you want to live in a family friendly place with good quality education right around the corner, it’s all right here.

Schools are accessible. The elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are in the neighborhood. You don’t have to travel far to get to Azalea Park Elementary School, Azalea Park Baptist School, and Colonial High School. Then, you can go to Chickasaw Elementary School, Forsyth Woods Elementary School, and others for a few minutes ride, depending on your exact location. If you’re pursuing a college degree, Full Sail University is located just outside the boundaries of the community.

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