What You Ought To Know About Meadow Woods, FL

Meadow Woods is in the southern part of Orange County, and is a suburb of Orlando, Florida that has a population of 33,688 people. Staying in Meadow Woods gives the residents a suburban feel- most of the people that live here own their homes. The place is close to Lake Nona, Laurette Park, and the Airport. It is not far from Kissimmee and local stores are about in a fifteen minute away from the center of the place. Even the Amazon Warehouse is in close proximity.

Crime Rate

If you want a safe place to stay, there is close to zero percent crime rates here. In Meadow Woods, everyone knows everyone and it’s one of the factors that attract many Puerto Ricans. You will never feel alone in a tightly-knit community. Most of its residents have been living in the place for a long time; almost all are friends and have known each other for generations.

Tourist Spots

If you want a respite from the city craziness, this suburb has it.  It isn’t right in the center of Orlando- which means that there aren’t those many tourist spots here. There’s close to no traffic and construction around either. It stays in between the rural and urban line. Meadow Woods is a family-friendly neighborhood- grass, trees; and has everything a family friendly environment needs. The suburb has wonderful walking paths- and it is common to see people strolling around or simply walking on the way to the parks. Meadow Woods has a lot of family-friendly parks where you can simply hang out.


You don’t have to go out of the suburb to get to its very own elementary and middle school. But, if you don’t want to send your kids to Meadow Woods Elementary and its Middle school, there are schools nearby. Still, the quality of the education here is high.

Do you want to live in a friendly community? Meadow Woods could be your next home.