A Newcomer’s Guide to Poinciana, Florida

Florida is a vacation paradise, so why not live in Poinciana, Florida for good?

You can easily take a short trip to the beach all year, and you don’t have to worry about snow. It would also take less than an hour to reach Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park where you can take an airboat tour and watch American Bald Eagle, baby alligators and birds! Who wouldn’t love the proximity of activities-with Disneyland, gold courses, beaches and great outdoors in just a few hours’ drive?

Great food

Poinciana, Florida is also a foodie’s haven from traditional American and southern restaurants to Italian and Latin bistros and bars. Whether you’re craving for teppanyaki and sushi, a good philly cheese and steak pizza or a whole snapper with red sauce and onions, you’ll find them all right here!

A bit of everything

There are also many things to do in Poinciana. From getting involved in the arts and familiarizing the tastes of different types of cuisines in independent restaurants littering in the area- for sure, you’ll never get bored in this city! To top it all, you don’t have to pay state income tax and the cost of living is really low. It’s just a matter of finding the right job that pays well and sticking to a budget so you can live comfortably.


The city of Poinciana is considered the 614th largest City in the country and has an estimated population of 62,000. In the city, 43% of the residents speak Spanish while 49% speak English. Statistically speaking, 21% of Poinciana’s residents were born and raised in Florida, 36% were born out of state, 23% were born out of the country, and the other 19% were born overseas.

Crime Rate

Poinciana, Florida is safer than 10% of the other cities in the United States. In a day, about 12.09 crimes occur in the city of Poinciana. Although the crime rate here is pretty high, with it being 61%higher than the national average you have 1 in 23 chances of becoming a victim of any crime. For the past year, the total crimes in Poinciana have decreased by at least 12%, which kind of makes it a lot safer than of the past one.


If you have kids, and you’re worried about your kids’ education- worry no more! This city has schools littered all over the area. There are six elementary and secondary schools.
Chestnut Elementary School for Science and Engineering is considered the highest-rated school of the area with a rating of 6. A total of 678 of its student population take up Science and Engineering. The public schools here in Poinciana are a part of Osceola County.

Poinciana’s public schools have average test scores of 39% which is actually 22% lower than the Florida average and almost 21% lower than the United States’ average. But, statistically speaking, 79.8% of the students in Poinciana have at least completed 8th grade, 79% have graduated high school, and 20.7% have accomplished a bachelor’s degree.


According to locals, the highest average of temperature in Poinciana for the month August is 83 degrees Fahrenheit, while January has the lowest monthly average of 63 degrees. The most monthly precipitation in the city is during the month of June, with a total of 16.6 inches. The pollution index in the city of Poinciana is considered 422% worse than the United States’ average. On the other hand, the air quality index of the city is 27% better than that of the nation’s average.

From the diversity of ethnic foods to craft brewers, and the unique weather and very friendly people, you might find yourself wishing to live here the moment you visit.