Union Park: Where Everything is Accessible

If you’re a student, you have probably heard of Union Park, a small community in Orange County, Florida. While there are only five schools in the area, it is known as a college town because of its neighboring communities with numerous educational institutions.  It’s also a place where you can find affordable dining places and rentals that fit a student’s budget. So, it’s not surprising why Puerto Ricans who comprise around 25.81% of the total population live here.


If you have kids, you don’t have to go out of the community to send them to school. There is a public elementary school, a middle-school and a high school right here. You can also enroll in Renaissance Charter School, an independent school.

There are colleges in the neighboring communities, like Full Sail University and Valencia Community College East which are just five miles ahead. Just a few more kilometers more, you’ll find Seminole County Public Schools, Seminole State College of Florida branch, and the Reformed Theological Seminary. Then, you have the University of Central Florida in Orlando which is located at around 8 miles north. There are also many other above average schools nearby.


There is no hospital in the community. But, Azalea Park which is 4 miles southwest has a primary hospital, the Florida Hospital East. You can travel for another 3 miles to reach Orlando Regional Medical Center. MIA Home Health Care Services is also located a mile away. There are also 4 nursing homes, 2 dialysis centers, within 4 miles.


The median home value in this community is $149,700, comparatively lower than the National average of $184,700. The average rent is also $1,064, but you can always share with friends of co-workers. Also, it is not hard to find a place to rent because there are many rentals in the area, and the competition is low, because most residents own their homes.

Some say that the people who live in Union Park don’t even realize that it is a community on its own it because of its relatively small size. Still, it is a budget-friendly community, packed with career opportunities, not only for students but for everyone who wants to have a decent job. There are many family-friendly parks too! So, if you want to stay in a community which is close to everything like schools, pharmacy, restaurants and work-Union Park could be the most suitable place for you.