Most Popular Cities for Puerto Ricans Moving to the United States

Do you want to know where most Puerto Ricans live in the US?

Here are the five large cities with the highest percentages of PR residents.

Rochester, NY

Around 13.2% of the total population in this community, which is located at the Western State of New York, is Puerto Ricans. It’s a community of Buffalo Bills fans, a home to Wegman’s (grocery store) and The Garbage Plate which serves–Garbage! It is made of beans, burger, ham, sausage and everything else delicious, and topped with hot sauce. And, if you love ice cream, you have to get in a long line throughout the city to get a cup of the mouthwatering coffee Oreo, or pistachio pineapple from Abbott’s Frozen Custard. If you’re an art lover, you can stroll at the Art Walk, or visit the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and Rochester Museum of Fine Arts. Kids and kids at heart also enjoy The Museum Of Play at The Strong because of its toy museum, ride-on carousel and exhibits designed for kids!

Orlando, FL

Being the one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, Orlando offers an amazing experience. People might think that its limelight is caused by its themed tourist attractions, but it’s actually not just that. Orlando is also known for being a well-kept city with a climate that reaches 25° Celsius (75° Fahrenheit). With Disney World and a branch of Universal Studios being located here, the City welcomes more than ten million visitors per year. Aside from the two internationally-known attractions here, the City also offers similar family-friendly attractions like its giant aquariums and zoos, waterparks, exciting displays, and many more. No wonder why a huge number of PRs, which consists of 13.1% of its population, live in this city.

Newark, NJ

This City offers more than just aesthetically pleasing spots, unlike others; Newark, New Jersey has it all. From prodigious museums, aesthetically pleasing parks and superb restaurants to countless amounts of sports, music, and theater, you won’t be surprised why fun-loving Puerto Ricans comprises 13% of its total population. This place has multiple historic heritages and symphony performances that are worth the travel. Newark also has famous restaurants, grills, and cafes that serve mouthwatering meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner- with flavors that come from various places in the world. The menus of these restaurants include meaty burgers, steaks, sushi, and Barbeque. 

Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City has an eastern waterfront that faces the waters of Hudson River that meets the waters of Upper New York Bay. Located in Jersey City is the Liberty State Park- this place has such a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and of course, Ellis Island-  the former gateway for immigrants. The place’s Liberty Science Center structures collaborative exhibits, live animals and even an IMAX Dome theatre. Aside from all the tourist spots, bars and various eateries are also found in the City. Around 10% or more of its population are PRs.

New York City, NY

Even if you’re the grouchiest person around, you’ll sure have fun in New York City. This place offers an array of events- from concerts to regular day stuff- there’s no question that NYC has it all. The City offers breathtaking views- Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building, and many others. They also exhibit some of the world’s most historical museums and heritages that make it all the more interesting. In New York, you’ll never get hungry. The eating choices here are as limitless as your cravings. This City has thousands of restaurants and eateries that feature cuisines from various places around the world. Some of the world’s grandest events- this includes big festivals, holiday parades, etc. – take place in New York City. Going to this City is never boring. Just ask the 8.9% of the city dwellers, who happen to be Puerto Ricans.

There are many other cities in the US, particularly in Florida with a huge number of PRs. It’s because of the close distance of the state to the island and its booming economy, Spanish culture and language and employment opportunities especially for the health care workers.