Credentialing Steps for PR Nurses Moving to Texas

If you’re a registered nurse in Puerto Rico and you want to work as a nurse in Texas, the easiest and most practical procedure is to apply for endorsement.

The board of nursing of Texas is going to give you a permanent license without requiring you to take further examination, as long as you meet the standards.

Who can apply for licensure by endorsement?

To apply for endorsement into Texas as an RN, you must be a licensed RN in another territory, like Puerto Rico. Applicants must have completed a nursing program meeting all Texas requirements. It is also important to prove that you worked as a nurse within the past four years prior to your application. If you don’t meet the job experience requirement, you must apply for licensure by taking the US NCLEX examination instead.

There are two methods for application-online and by personal submission of papers. But, those who graduated outside the United States and do not have a social security number cannot apply online. It is advisable to apply by paper.

Here are a few simple steps of applying an initial license:

1. Visit the Texas BON website and fill up the Paper Endorsement application-depending on the type of job you’re applying for. Fill up the Licensed LVN Endorsement Application if you’re a Vocational Nurse or the RN Endorsement Application if you’re applying for an RN license.

Make sure to read the guidelines and eligibility requirements. Provide the requested information on the application. Review it and modify when needed. Remember that the details you provided shall be the basis of the approval of your application.

2. Order an FBI fingerprint card which you will receive within ten business days. If you have criminal records, write down a statement explain the details of the incident. You can also attach court records and attach them to your Paper Endorsement application. The Operations Department will review them within fifteen business days upon receipt of your application. If they find out you still have some criminal issues, you may have to pay $150 for the review fee.

The BON shall determine whether you’re eligible for endorsement upon reviewing your Paper Endorsement application, background check results, and pertinent documentation.
Enforcement Department will review it within 10 days after the payment is received. The review could last for 4 months. You will not receive your permanent license until they render a decision.

3. Mail your paper application along with the required documents and the $186 endorsement fee to the Texas Board of Nursing.

If you’re eligible, the Texas BON shall give you a temporary license which is valid for 120 days within fifteen business days upon receipt of your application and fee.