Why Puerto Ricans Like Living in Kissimmee

Kissimmee is a large city located in the wonderful state of Florida. Its population is considerably big, having 71,104 people and 30 constituent neighborhoods. In fact, Kissimmee City is considered as the 44th largest City in Florida. Compared to other Cities, taken with white- and blue-collar jobs, Kissimmee has every bit of everything. It is a city of sales and office workers, service labors, and professionals. 

If you’re from Puerto Rico, you’ll be amazed at how many people speak Spanish in this area. Yes, the most common language spoken in the city is Spanish. Other languages include English (of course) and Arabic. Although it’s an American City, foreigners (mostly Puerto Ricans) are an important part of the city’s cultural character, which is expected, as make up 25.10% of the city’s population.

Crime Rates

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime data, Kissimmee City is not one of the safest areas in America.  Its crime rates are higher than the national average amongst all the communities in the country- from largest to smallest cities.

If Kissimmee is compared to other cities with the same population, you’ll see that the City’s rates of misconduct- both violent and property crimes included- is higher.  

Even so, with only 35 offenses per one thousand residents, the city isn’t part of the list of communities with the highest crime rates. Really, Kissimmee is still safer than13% of the cities in the United States.

Tourist Spots

Do you want to visit internationally known theme parks and be able to post fine dining pictures on your social media? Kissimmee is the right place for you!

The city is next door to the magical attractions and theme parks of Orlando, Florida- and, it has many sights up its sleeve as well.

Thrill-seekers can ride on jet skis, test their frights on zip-lines, and even fly warplanes! If you want to take aesthetically pleasing photos with alligators, feel free to enjoy Gatorland. You could even take pictures while kayaking on Shingle Creek or Lake Toho while seeing alligators in the wild. With such exciting extra curricula’s and rich history, there is no dull moment in Kissimmee.


Most of the public schools around the residential areas of the City give great educational opportunities. For example, students that live in Kissimmee have the privilege of taking dual courses and taking university classes at any of the available Valencia campuses. Also, if they’re in special schools, they can also benefit from high-level curriculums for middle school and high school, like an International Baccalaureate.

Kissimmee is known for its proximity to amusement parks in Orlando, like the Walt Disney World Resort. But, it has its own attractions like the lush Kissimmee Waterfront Park. It is also a haven not only for locals but for newcomers who want to start fresh in this city of opportunities.